policy of the studio
  1. *10-class card                                                        € 145,00

  2. *Valid for one or more classes per week.

  3. *Valid for 12 weeks only. May be extended by 4 weeks only, once a year or 2x 2 weeks, to cover vacation time.

  4. *The new card will be valid immediately following the last class applicable to the old card.

  5. *At least 48-hours notice must be given, prior to cancellation of a class. If less notice is given, cost for the class will be incurred, no matter what the reason.

  6. *Classes cancelled within the 48-hour notice period, can be made up another time, within the validity of the card.

  7. *If 2 family members buy 1 card, (e.g. mother-daughter) the validity is 8 weeks only.

  8. *BONUS: After 10 classes in row, from start of the card, you may visit the next class for free.

  9. *Every last Saturday of the month, ther will be an extra make up class (registration necessary).

  10. *Notice period: 4 weeks before expiry date of card. By late notice, the cost of a new card

                         will be levied.


*All classes start on time.

  1. *Please make sure you are present at least    

   5 minutes before class begins.

* Payment must be made before class begins.

  1. *Please advise me if there is any change in

   your physical condition before class begins.

10-class card