prices of the classes 2013

trial mat class                                                          €      7,50
card for 10 classes                                                 €  145,00

cards for mat classes are valid for 12 weeks

private training mat, reformer, chair, times by arrangement

private training
single class                                                       €    50,00
card for 5x                                                        €  228,00
card for 10x                                                      €  420,00

private introduction class                            €   35,00

duet training mat, reformer, chair, times by arrangement

duet training
single lesson                                                    €     70,00  
card for 5x                                                        €   285,00
card for 10x                                                      €   506,00

You are responsable for finding a partner for the duet training. If one partner fails to come
then you ‘ll be charged for a single private lesson.
if partner fails to cancel in time, he will be charged for the lesson.

cards for private or duet training will be valid for 2 months- card 5x and 3 months- card 10x.
card may be extended 4 weks only once a year, or 2x 2 weeks a year, to cover vacation time.

notice period; if you don’t want to continue your pilates sessions you have to give notice 
four (4) weeks before expiry date of card.

please cancel 48-hours ahead or lesson payable in full.

                                                                                                            “concentrate on the correct
                                                                          movements each time you
                                                                          exercise, lest you do them
                                                                          improperly an thus lose all 
                                                                          the vital benefits of their 

                                                                                           Joseph H. Pilates